How to Use Music Videos Effectively to Promote Your Music

In this day and age of serial YouTubers and influencers, achieving visibility on the major video sharing and social media platforms seems to be the ultimate key to success. There is no exact formula on how to become online rockstars, but we are here to give you 3 tried-and-tested tips that work very successfully with our clients - every single time. Listen up!

1. Gear Up Before The Launch

Some artists say to us: “I will set up my social media once we have a video ready to be published and shared”. However, we are here to tell you that, when it comes to music video marketing, you must place the carriage before the horses. Start creating your official presence today, preferably on multiple networks i.e. IG, FB, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify, and so on. Post a demo tape, some pictures, the story of your band or musical project. Start building your audience today so that you will have the numbers when the time comes. Labels, blogs and film festivals often give priority to artists who have a big following.

2. Organize A Music Video Premiere

Film premieres are so glamorous and exciting, so why shouldn’t music video premieres be the same? On the day of the launch, organise a cool release party and invite everyone and their dog. Play some tunes live and use this chance to sell your official merchandise: digital downloads, CDs and vinyls, t-shirts, or whatever else you have at your disposal. Ask your friends - there and then - to share your video as it goes live on the internet. The road to stardom begins from your nearest and dearest.

3. Submit To Film & Music Video Festivals

Nowadays, many film festivals have opened up their programming slots to music videos and music documentaries - from the legendary ones like SXSW to the quirky, independent screenings all over the world. Showing your music video at film festivals will not only boost your visibility, but also give extra prestige to your image as a music creator. In order to submit to festivals, you will have to create an electronic press kit for your project and register to one or more of the submission platforms available (such as FilmFreeway, Reelport or Withoutabox). Be patient - this process takes time, as the juries receive many submissions and normally need months to evaluate them and prepare their programmes.

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